I Regret to Inform You the Chip and Dale Rescue Movie Is Pretty Good

Rescue Rangers in which Chip walks down Hollywood Boulevard, glaring down the ads for the latest creatively bankrupt offerings from the industry he left behind for a sensible job in insurance.

There’s one for what looks to be a Muppet Babies–style spinoff of the Fast & Furious franchise with a slew of infants perched on the hood of a car

 the billboard for Batman vs. E.T., featuring the superhero and the beloved Spielberg alien glaring laser eyes at one another.

Behind them, a full moon bears the dual silhouettes of the Bat-Signal and Elliott on his flying bike. “That one,” Chip grudgingly admits, “looks pretty good.”

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is well aware that, as a combination live-action and animated sequel to the Disney show of the same name, it’s as much a product of the current IP hellscape as any of these spoof titles

It succeeds just how low the bar is and speaks to the strength of its creative team, which covers two-thirds of The Lonely Island, with Andy Samberg's voice Dale and Akiva Schaefer directing.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers has more in common with Who Framed Roger Rabbit than it does the series with which it shares a name — to the point where Roger makes a cameo.