Why is our earth in the grip of natural disasters?

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world today, the average temperature of the earth is increasing, the sea level is rising continuously and extreme weather events are happening continuously, somewhere snow storm, somewhere flood, somewhere extreme heat. Climate change is the biggest challenge today. The whole of America is troubled by the recent severe storm in America.

Earth moving towards danger Why is it getting hit by natural disasters?

In America, which is called the world’s superpower, first cyclone and then floods have created havoc, the situation has become so bad that America has declared emergency in some states, even meteorologists are not able to tell that the rains in America Why are storms coming? The most affected of these storms is the city of California in America. Due to climate change, the temperature is increasing all over the world, which means that there is a tremendous change in the weather, somewhere there is drought and there is terrible rain. The year 2022 has been a very bad year in terms of climate change. Last year, the polar regions and the continent of Europe have been the most affected by global warming.

Last year, there was the worst heat ever in France, due to which there was a fire in the forests there and the whole of Europe is suffering from severe drought. Countries like Germany, Britain and Spain faced severe heat wave. The effects of climate change are already being felt around the world. Beaches are at risk of flooding and erosion. Droughts are causing food shortages. Storms. And extreme heat is causing destruction of life, sea level rise and glacier melting are seen as almost irreversible.

Climate change is such an issue that no one wants to talk about, everyone knows that the coming future is going to be worse, but due to their personal benefit, people are not paying attention to this, a large number of forests have been destroyed. It is being cut and new cities are being set up, the risk of global warming has increased due to the smoke coming out of vehicles and factories, but no country is ready to talk about it. To say that many conferences are held to save the environment, but if we talk about the ground level, then very little implementation has been seen in this. Everyone knows that the problem of drinking water is going to increase further and the whole world is suffering from drought. If this world wants to see the future of its coming generations safe, then it will have to be aware of the environment and efforts will have to be made to prevent environmental pollution.

Rising temperature and sea level due to global warming

Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. Scientists have been warning the world for many years that if we want to save the earth, we have to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Scientists say that our earth It has shifted from its axis to one degree, the temperature of the earth is increasing continuously, due to which the glaciers are melting, the temperature of the sea is increasing, if there is no collective effort to stop global warming, then it will take the form of catastrophe. Last year, the whole of Europe faced severe heat, to avoid this heat, people use such in their homes, due to which the hole in the ozone layer is continuously increasing, this is also a serious problem for the world today.

Deforestation and industrialization

Forests are being cut to set up new cities, industrialization has increased rapidly, new factories are being established, due to which trees are being cut and this is a major reason for climate change, the emissions from factories Due to smoke, the emission of green house gases is large, due to which the temperature has also increased, due to deforestation, the earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide in the earth decreases, this leads to soil erosion and biodegradation. There is considerable loss of diversity and other environmental problems can also occur. Industrialization is one of the main reasons. This refers to the development of industries and the increased use of fossil fuels, which release large amounts of greenhouse gases and contribute to warming the earth. gives

Measures to control climate change

By reducing greenhouse emissions

By reducing the emission of green house gases, we can save the earth, if steps are not taken on this in time, then the situation is going to be worse in the future, so the government and the people should try to reduce the emission of green house gases. should

Education and public awareness

Through education and public awareness, we can secure this earth and our coming future, solving this serious issue requires the collective effort of all the countries of the world and every section of the society.

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